Top 5 Alcoholic Advent Calendars this Christmas

Everyone knows that Santa likes a bit of sherry when he comes down the chimney on the big day, but why wait? With these boozy advent calendars you can make sure the last month of the year is the most fun!

1. Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Fancy getting home each day from work in December and opening a quality craft beer? This award-winning Beer Advent Calendar features 24 hand-picked craft beers, including the CAMRA Champion beer of Britain.

Craft Beer Advent Calendar

2. The Ginvent Calendar

Featuring superb gin from some of the finest producers around the world, why not use this December to discover the world’s best gin for a G&T? Or even better, a Tom Collins. Love a Tom Collins, me.

Ginvent Advent Calendar

3. The Naga Chilli Vodka Escalation Advent Calendar

Aiming to test your tolerance for heat, the vodkas start at 10,000 scovilles on day 1, and end up at a massive 240,000 scovilles on day 24. I’m not entirely sure what a scoville is, but I wouldn’t like 240,000 of them! Are you man enough?
Naga Chilli Vodka Advent Calendar

4. Whiskey Advent Calendar

Do you enjoy sitting by an open fire, listening to classical music, drinking a glass of whiskey on the rocks while stroking a cat? Well then this selection of drams from the world’s finest distilleries could be perfect for you. It contains all the festive spirit any whisky lover could ever dream of.
Whiskey Advent Calendar

5. The Beer Tree Advent Calendar

Have you ever dreamed of a tree that grows beer? Well then, this Christmas your dreams have come true! This 3 foot tall tree contains 24 x 330ml beers and one special champagne style beer for Christmas Day.
Beer Tree Advent Calendar