Top 5 Advent Calendars with Toys 2015

Santa’s elves have been busy. In my day we only had chocolate in our advent calendars, but there are so many fun advent calendars to choose from nowadays and they seem to get better every year! As kids get so many presents on Christmas day, they can often overlook some gifts. Spreading a gift out throughout the month ensures it gets the attention it deserves. Also, quick tip, they’re a great reward strategy for parents… “Be good today and you can open your advent calendar tonight! I wonder which Star Wars character you’ll get today?!”

Here’s our favourite toy advent calendars this year:

1. Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

With the 7th Star Wars film coming out in December, the Lego Star Wars advent calendar is sure to be a hit this year. It features everything from Lego mini-figures to vehicles and holiday-themed droids. I know this is aimed for kids but I can think of many adults who wouldn’t mind getting one – me included!
LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

2. Playmobil Unicorn Fairyland Advent Calendar

Prefer unicorns to lightsabers? You don’t hear that question everyday, but if the answer is “yes” then perhaps you’d like this 5 star rated product on Amazon. With a fantastic selection of fairies, animals and a unicorn you can’t go wrong, really.
Playmobil Girls Advent Calendar

3. Mega Bloks Minion Movie Advent Calendar

No list is complete nowadays without the mention of a Minion. They’re everywhere. You can’t walk down the high street without seeing one. Now they can invade your living room too! This set comes with 3 minions and tons of little accessories to make a nice little play set – hours of fun.
Mega Bloks Minions Movie

4. Playmobil Santa’s Workshop Advent Calendar

Another set from Playmobil and I love it. It’s a perfect Christmas play set to get your little one all excited for the big day. There’s elves, there’s reindeer, there’s a Santa. Careful though, it sold out fast last year and will do again – order early to avoid that disappointed look in your child’s eyes.
Playmobil Santas Workshop Advent Calendar

5. Lego Friends Advent Calendar

Build a little wintery Lego city including trees, figures and ice skates.
Lego Friends Advent Calendar