Our Story

Once upon a time in the South Pole, Santa’s elves were getting worried that with such a big gap between Christmases, little ones around the world might forget the magic of Christmas! They had to find a way to spread Christmas joy in the run up to Christmas to remind everyone what it’s all about… fun and presents of course! What better way of giving everyone that Christmassy feeling than by giving plain old chocolate advent calendars a bit of a makeover?

So they set about making a perfect advent calendar for everyone! They made Lego advent calendars and Star Wars advent calendars for kids; beauty advent calendars and alcohol advent calendars for adults; and even the odd advent calendar for your pets so the whole family can get involved! Finally, they created this website to let everybody find their perfect advent calendar!

Top 5 Alcoholic Advent Calendars this Christmas

Everyone knows that Santa likes a bit of sherry when he comes down the chimney on the big day, but why wait? With these boozy advent calendars you can make sure the last month of the year is the most fun!

Top 5 Advent Calendars with Toys 2015

Santa’s elves have been busy. In my day we only had chocolate in our advent calendars, but there are so many fun advent calendars to choose from nowadays and they seem to get better every year!

Creating Your Own Advent Calendars

They say that the best gifts are the most thoughtful. So this year, instead of buying off-the-shelf last minute advent calendars from Asda for your family, why not do something special? Great for giving as a gift, or making with your children.